Welcome to my world

Hello and thanks for visiting. I’m Kristina, a Black American, homeschooling, interracially married, mom to a pre-teen daughter. My husband, daughter, and I left Yonkers, NY on December 25, 2012, and relocated to Arizona’s West Valley after feeling like NY had given us the best of its Apple. While we love the sun and the cost of living here, we sometimes wonder if maybe we should be somewhere less red in its political leanings.

I am currently the author of a Gather the Wind Zine, an effort to kick perfection-paralysis in the arse. I am also a writer for Woo Jr, and a Happiness Engineer for Automattic, Inc. I have been (and sometimes still am) an entrepreneur, a web designer, a social media consultant, a Tarot Interpreter, and a lover or most things blue, yellow, and green.

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