Baby Blankets Galore

I was asked to make two baby blankets to be given as gifts this holiday season, and I jumped at the chance to do so. I love babies and being able to share in a family’s joy by making a baby blanket made me smile. There is nothing better than the positive energy brought on by the expectations of a new family member.

Karyn requested a shell blanket in Tiffany Blue, Grey, Black, and White and that the yarn be soft. Very soft. I knew EXACTLY what yarn to use. Bernat Baby Softee is one of my favorite baby yarns. It’s soft without being to soft and it does not shed like many other baby yarns. But the challenge was in finding the colors that she wanted. Black and light grey are not traditional baby colors and it was rather difficult to find the Bernat brand locally. Additionally, Tiffany blue is a very hard color to match. It’s not quite blue, fairing more on the side of green. I was able to narrow it down and find a very close match to Tiffany Blue called Surf Green.

Blanket Palette
Blanket 1

The other issue was that the stark contrast between the black yarn and the yarn in the other colors made the black stick out and appear heavy. As a result, I worried that the other colors would appear washed out and too muted. In the end, the colors worked very well together and this blanket is one of my favorites.

Blanket 2

The second blanket was a bobble stitch and the photo of the sample blanket provided showed large squares stitched together, I think. I did not like that idea as it seemed rather boring. I thought that this designed lent itself well to panel and decided to crochet three panels, alternating between the blue/green and the white. I left the grey out of this one and finished it off with a black border. Another success.

Both blankets took about a month in total due to some yarn mess ups (I will be sure to order a lot more yarn that I need) and Karyn loved them. I am going to make another one for my daughter and maybe, just maybe, I will tackle a king-sized blanket for my bed. My husband would probably love one!

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