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Super Soft “Warmth” Infinity Scarf Pattern

Interestingly enough, knitting is fairly new to me but once I began knitting cowls and scarves, I could not stop. I love the look of hand-knit items. They look intricate in their designs and cozy. Something about them makes me think of my grandmother (who I don’t ever actually remember seeing knit). Knitting is something that should be done in a comfortable chair in front of a fireplace while sipping hot chocolate and listening to a audiobook. It seems strange that I would imagine such details for a craft that I have not been doing for long, but I find great pleasure in both the idea and the art of knitting.

I’m a newbie when it comes to creating patterns, but I had an idea for an infinity scarf and could not find a pattern to suit the image that I had in my head. I am happy the the finished product came out EXACTLY as I had pictured (minus the small error of twisting the yarn). It’s heavy and thick and soft and warm.

The pattern is quite simple and, I know it was for me, and easy pattern for those getting used to knitting and purling in the same project, and knitting in a round. My nine-year-old daughter was able to do a few stitches too and found it quite simple. So even if you think you aren’t too good at knitting, give this one a try.

I’m offering the pattern here for free. If you make it and are so inclined, please share your photos with me. I would love to see your version. If you decided to sell items that you make from it, please adhere to the Terms of Use at the bottom of the PDF. If you find an error or need help, I’m here to assist.

The instructions and photographs in this pattern are the property of Artfully Woven and Kristina Daniele. This pattern is for personal use only and nor for resell. No unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this pattern is allowed. You are welcome to sell products made using these patterns but only if you link directly to the pattern on my site with the following text: “Original Pattern by Kristina Daniele of Artfully Woven.”

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